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Robert Hanel, AIDA 2, June 2016

"Thank you again for the free diving certification that I passed with you. It was a great experience at many levels. Being an autodidactic free diver, I felt quite confident of my abilities, but how much did I learn! I think that it was even more helpful because of my experience. In three days I learned more about free diving and even swimming than in years of practice. Your professionalism, knowledge, experience and passion were just perfect, and enabled me learn and improve so much! I am definitely going to continue to the next levels and feel confident to have what it takes, with the basis you gave me. It was a great experience and I strongly encourage anybody who is interested in freediving to have the chance to learn with you! 

Ruth Osborn, AIDA 2 June 2015
AIDA 3 Oct 2016

I couldn't be happier that my first real experience of apnea was with Louisa.  She is a calm, kind and patient teacher, very thorough and hugely knowledgeable.  I wanted a freedive instructor who had experience as well as qualifications (and who I had a good feeling with) and with Louisa I got all that.  Her experience of competition at international level both as an athlete and on safety teams and is invaluable and interesting- I couldn't have been in safer hands.  I'm very grateful for the beautiful introduction to a deeper underwater world that I hadn't experienced before on just one breath.  I couldn't recommend Louisa and Gary more highly.  Looking forward to more excursions and move dives with you guys thank you sooooooo much!!

Alexia Cundy, AIDA 2, October 2016

“you are very inspirational. I am so glad we finally met. One day I will be as graceful as you in the big wide ocean x x “

Mik Bjorkenstam, AIDA 3, June 2017

“Thanks again for such an awesome trip and course. So great to learn so much from you guys. Your combined experience and excellent teaching made it an incredible learning experience. Really enjoyed the dinners and hanging out too”

Pete Essex, AIDA 2, July 2017

"Was fortunate enough to stumble across freedive Ibiza on a recent trip, and took my AIDA 2 beginner course with Louisa. Absolutely loved it, and am completely hooked on this wonderful new sport and world. The course was carried out in a relaxed, fun, safe & absorbing manner, as befits this magical island. To have the chance to learn & train with someone who is so knowledgeable and so well regarded, is really a unique opportunity. I will definitely be returning to further my education, and highly recommend you make time on your next trip to look them up!"

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