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Recipe: Alkaline post-freedive smoothie

alkaline smoothie ingredients

The fabulous Ibiza Kitchen, founded by private chef Anne-Marie Duperouzel, has kindly collaborated with Freedive Ibiza to turn our post-dive / post-training session / awesome any time of day smoothie into an actual, proper, recipe!!

Here are some of the amazing benefits you’ll get:

Many freedivers follow an alkaline diet when training. This is because it is considered that the tissues and cells in our body will utilise oxygen better in a more alkaline environment.

Also, it is understood that holding our breath for an extended period will increase the build up of lactic acid, and make the body more acidic generally. Whilst our bodies are very adept at regulating our PH, what we choose to eat can really assist our body to function optimally and effortlessly.

Freedivers often train on an empty stomach, so its really important to get some good fats, protein, healthy carbs and fluids on-board once you get out of the water.

Whilst designed with freedivers in mind, this smoothie can benefit anyone, especially post workout!

  • Avocado: alkaline, good fats, omega 3

  • Seasonal berries: antioxidants, lower sugar that other fruits, so more alkaline and less likely to spike blood-sugar; blueberries are especially alkaline

  • Cacao: super rich in antioxidants and minerals, cacao is known to increase the overall pumping action of the heart muscle and help alkalise the body; full of magnesium, which is a very important mineral for many body functions, and it helps the body to deal with stress, improves sleep, relax muscular tension, balance hormones

  • Almond butter: protein, minerals (more magnesium), more alkaline and digestible than peanut butter (no nasty protein powders necessary)

  • Coconut oil: anti-inflammatory, a really ‘good’ fat, multitude of benefits, alkaline!

  • Prunes: alkaline! Can help to build strong bones, full of antioxidants and minerals, adds sweetness

  • Coconut milk: excellent fats, same benefits as coconut oil, yummy and creamy

  • OR Coconut water: excellent for post exercise rehydration, full of minerals and a balance of electrolytes

  • OR Nut milks: my favourites would be almond or hazelnut (almond being the most alkaline), but PLEASE be aware of the ingredients – these are not always the healthiest of choices (unless you make your own which is super easy!)

HOW TO MAKE YOUR SMOOTHIE:All you need is a blender! I often freeze the berries so that the smoothie is cold. For one serving I would add half an avocado, a couple of handfuls of berries, a tablespoon each of cacao, almond butter and coconut oil; prunes, maybe 3 (to taste) and then fill the blender jug to cover the ingredients with your choice of liquid. Wizz, taste, add or subtract and wizz again as necessary, enjoy!

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