W H O  W E  A R E

Louisa Collyns

Louisa is an AIDA and PADI instructor, and founded Freedive Ibiza in 2015. She was the first female Chief of Safety at an international depth competition, and is part of the AIDA Safety Committee. Louisa works regularly as a professional safety freediver at major international freediving competitions.

As well as being safety freediver for four editions of Vertical Blue – the prestigious and elite freediving competition – she is also Chief of Staff in 2018. She was Chief of Safety for the Molchanova Grand Prix in Ibiza in 2018 and Chief of Safety at the Blue Element depth competition in Dominica in 2018. Previously, Louisa was Platform Coordinator at the Caribbean Cup in 2016, and Safety Team Leader and Platform Manager at the Blue Element Competition in 2016.


While Louisa’s focus these days is on teaching students, and safety in freediving, she has also competed at World Championship level in depth, in 2013. She writes for DeeperBlue.com, and has published articles and videos on freediving in Freedive Magazine, Barefoot Running Magazine, and Freeimmersion.de.

Louisa also provides safety for in-water film productions and photoshoots, and is an underwater dancer.

Gary McGrath

Gary is a highly experienced AIDA, PADI and SSI instructor and has certified and coached hundreds of students, and athletes. Prior to joining Freedive Ibiza, Gary taught for 18 months at the biggest freediving school in the world - Freedive Gili - with UK team-mate, Mike Board. A gifted instructor, Gary will get the very best out of you!


A competitor for well over a decade, Gary has competed in two depth World Championships (2011, 2013) and numerous pool competitions worldwide.

Gary loves pool as much as depth, and is a big fan of static. His personal best is 7 minutes and 32 seconds and his depth PB  is 84m CWT. He offers online-coaching to professional and amateur freediving athletes.

Gary continues to compete in both pool and depth competitions, and has recently been a safety diver at international depth comps in Ibiza and the Caribbean.