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Louisa Collyns, Founder of Freedive Ibiza

Louisa is an AIDA master instructor, with more than 10 years teaching freediving. She founded the first freediving school in Ibiza -Freedive Ibiza- in 2015. She was the first female Chief of Safety at an international depth competition, and is one of the most experienced female competition safety freedivers in the world. She previously held a role as a consultant to the AIDA Safety Committee and is an AIDA Judge. She competed in the Depth World Championships in 2013.

As well as being senior safety freediver for five editions of the elite freediving competition Vertical Blue, she also had the dual role as Chief of Staff in 2018 and 2021. She was Chief of Safety for both the Molchanova Grand Prix in Ibiza in 2018 and the Blue Element depth competition in Dominica in 2016, 2018 and 2019. Louisa has coordinated the competition platform at major international competitions including the Caribbean Cup in 2016. She appears working alongside her friend and colleague Steve Keenan as safety freediver in the 2023 Netflix film The Deepest Breath.

Louisa's roles in safety extend to film productions and photo-shoots in Ibiza and internationally for major and smaller production companies and photographers. She has worked as underwater dancer in a couple of small films.


Louisa's approach to teaching and coaching is both technical and knowledgable, but also patient and gentle, with an awareness of the mind-body connection, ensuring enjoyment and relaxation. The results follow as a consequence to the appreciation of the process.

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